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Many companies need security cameras and monitoring solutions to protect all or part of their physical environment. With a CCTV or IP camera solution from us, you gain top-quality video surveillance to keep your products, personnel, and facilities safe.

Cognizant It Consultancy can provide our clients with complete, upfront assessments to design and implement the right camera setup for each organization’s unique business needs. We can help you evaluate key factors that influence deployment of CCTV solutions. Our CCTV and IP camera technicians continuously undergo the necessary training from appropriate government authorities to ensure correct installations are carried out.

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television refers to visible, or hidden cameras and video surveillance systems intended for remote viewing by only a select number of viewers. Closed Circuit indicates that the picture is viewed or recorded, but not broadcast.

Analog cameras and IP cameras integrate directly onto your existing network, reducing cable run costs and gaining additional features. Video resolutions of 720P, 1080P and higher give you sharper images and more visual information per camera.

Video recording and analytics are seamlessly integrated into one program, giving you the ability to get the information you need faster than ever. Some of the analytics features include:


Video Motion Detection

Motion Tracking

Object Classification

Left/Removed Item Detection

People Counting

Dwell Time/Loitering

Wrong Direction

Auto PTZ tracking

our approach

We work with various brands that offer professional Security Systems in CCTV & IP cameras, security systems and surveillance equipment. We are not vendor specific but we partner with the leading brands in the market to offer the most economical & sustainable solutions. Some of the brands we closely work with and guaranteed are listed below:



The CCTV security and surveillance products from CP Plus are renowned for their user-friendly technology and German heritage. Intelligent analogue cameras, HD IP cameras, network cameras, hybrids, HD Composite Video Interface equipment and recorders (DVR and NVR) form part of the portfolio.


Video surveillance solutions by D-Link include CCTV cameras, switches, wireless options, storage choices and software for full customization of a business’s security setup. Most of their business class cameras support Power over Ethernet, which makes surveillance installations simpler and safer, while allowing for single cable deployment.

Ubiquiti CCTV

The CCTV products of Ubiquiti are versatile, robust and easily installed. Video cameras that form part of their UniFi video surveillance management system can record HD footage indoors and outdoors. Infrared LEDs with filters also make them great for night surveillance.

pabx System

A private automatic branch exchange, PABX, is an automatic telephone switching system within a private enterprise. PABX allows a single access number to offer multiple lines to outside callers while providing a range of external lines to internal callers or staff.



office services

We focus on professionalism, integrity and exceptional client services delivering the highest standard of solutions tailored to your technology needs and objectives. Check out our key services we offer in full office set up and maintenance.

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