Office Services consist of various different elements, depending on your goals, needs and requirements.
Along with wireless and VPN connectivity solutions, Cognizant IT Consultancy also assists with IT network solutions, computer setups for your operations center, network infrastructure development, WiFi, WAN and LAN networks.
We have expertise in arranging helpful mobile solutions for your constantly moving workforce. Using the right combination of structured cabling solutions, WiFi and LAN routers as well as switches, will ensure proper network solutions for your offices in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere.
You can take advantage of our IT solutions for businesses on an ad hoc basis, or via an annual maintenance contract.


Data Backup & Storage

Cognizant IT Consultancy knows how important is make a copy of all your business critical information as well as keep track of all your digital assets with Network Storage solutions that are best suited to your business.


CCTV/IP Cameras

View your security footage in real time on video monitors, PCs and smart devices, or return to archives for historic footage on Cloud storage or private storage with our help.

Network Security

Cognizant IT Consultancy has experience in setting up surveillance mechanisms, IT auditing solutions, anti-virus and anti-spam programs, as well as Network Security solutions.

Network Solutions

Having problems to get a device connected to your existing setup? We are expert in solving most of your WiFi, Internet access solutions and network connectivity problems in your company.


Third Party Solutions

Cognizant IT Consultancy can facilitate successful tie-ups with your suppliers by offering Ad Hoc Installation, Connection and Dispatch with On-Call or On-Site Support. With our MACD (Move, Add, Change and disconnect) services, you can look forward to a safe and secure move of your IT assets to a new site, followed by adding or changing hardware and software, as well as on request disposal of non-relevant items.

Maintenance Contracts

When you have an Annual Maintenance Contract with Cognizant IT Consultancy, you will in effect have access to centralized IT expertise that can assist with hardware support, preventative maintenance and emergencies on a 24/7 basis. It also ensures continuity, while reducing downtime to a minimum. Contracts are customized to meet your needs.

Server Solutions

We offer solutions for file and print servers, as well as application and e-mail servers. We also assist with Virtual Server solution.

Access Control & Attendance System

Keep track of your workforce, enhance productivity and streamline payroll, as well as manage who enters and leaves your building by installing an Attendance System and Access Control System that suit your company.

Cognizant IT Consultancy is expert in solving most of your Wi-Fi, Internet access solutions and network connectivity problems in your residence. Our staff design and install your home network with present and future capability in mind, meeting your needs in entertainment, computing and communications now and well into future.

Other Services

Home Maintenance Contract

Home Network Security

Home Security Camera

Home Media

Network Home Solution


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